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How it works


Upload a file

Fraim supports all major Audio and Video formats. Simply upload your files to your secure and private Fraim channel and choose transcribe.


Choose between instant automatic transcription or professional manual transcription. Whatever your requirements, Fraim has the solution.

Download a transcript

Choose to download your transcript in the format you require, or use your secure Fraim Channel to share your newly searchable and interactive media with customers and team.

Automatic Transcript

  • checl Instant transcription
  • checl 94% accuracy
    Automatic transcription works best for audio and video files with good quality, clear dialogue. If your file has background noise, cross-talk or heavily accented dialogue, try Manual transcription.
  • checl 24 languages supported!
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Manual Transcript

  • checl Instant transcription
  • checl 99% accuracy
    Manual transcription is carried out by our team of highly skilled, professional transcribers offering 99%+ accuracy and an extremely fast turnaround.
  • checl 24 languages supported!
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Your video length $1.60/min

Success stories

I just dropped a relatively complex file into Fraim, it generated the automated transcription. It’s about as accurate as when I was outsourcing this stuff to the Phillipines and India - wow… this is actual wichcraft!

50 %
Increase profit
1.5 h
Saved time per day

Fraim has changed the way we process our interviews and focus groups. No more sharing videos and transcripts via Dropbox and grabbing soundbites in Final Cut… now we just upload session recordings to Fraim, click 'Transcribe' and work from there - everything in one place.

Mario Market Researcher

Fraim has revolutionised my transcription process. Instead of transcribing from scratch, I simply edit an automatic transcription, cutting my transcription time by around 75% - I couldn't do my job without it.

Paul Transcription professional

We record all of our important meetings and upload them to our Fraim channel so that everybody can access topics discussed - being able to search inside of the audio files for specific words is key.

Catherine Company Administrator

Why you should choose us

Access the speech inside video and audio files in seconds.


Automatic Transcription

Transcribe hours of media in seconds with state-of-the-art speech-to-text, all at a friction of the cost of traditional transcription services.


Manual Transcription

For media with difficult to hear audio or specialist transcription requirements such as technical vocabulary, Fraim also offers professional manual transcription.


Transcript Editor

Control every element of your media with Fraim's Transcript Editor by adding speaker names, text formatting and more.


Keyword Identification

Reveal hidden information inside your media. Fraim automatically identifies keywords in your media, improving your SEO and increasing the value of your content.



Fully multilingual, Fraim supports 17 languages including English, Spanish, German, French and Arabic and others



Make searching your media simple. Fraim lets viewers search for a word or sentence and start watching from that exact moment with a single click.


Fraim Player

Synchronise video, audio and text media in a beautiful, works anywhere, media player. The Fraim Player is truly multimedia.



Highlight a single quote or soundbite and download that clip from your master media with a single click.


Security & Privacy

We take the privacy and security of the media you upload extremely seriously. Our users trust us on a daily basis to handle their confidential information, from medical dictation to board meeting recordings.

To learn more about how we handle data security, the systems and practices we employ to keep your information safe and secure, take a look at our Privacy Policy here.

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